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  Anne Osterlund
Official Home Page
Salvation Poster

Hello Readers!
My next book, Salvation, came out in stores
on January 10th! Check out the summary on my What's Next
page. I hope you will all enjoy meeting Salva and Beth as
much as I have enjoyed writing about them. This is my first contemporary YA novel, and it required rigorous research into flavored lemonade. Though truthfully the greatest challenge was trying to convince Salva to go home. He may actually be as stubborn as Aurelia. Speaking of whom, Aurelia, Robert, and I are grateful to everyone who joined us in Exile. The journey of our first sequel was quite a challenge! Please feel free to come visit with my characters and I on our blog, join us for an event, contact me about arranging your own event, or share book reviews and
recommendations on Goodreads.
Welcome to our universe of the imagination!

Book Covers

“Shall we dance, da dum dum dum . . .” Aurelia is dancing around the room and performing acrobatics while singing songs from The King and I.

“Shall you tell them or should I?” asks yours truly.

“Hmm?” She steps onto a footstool and attempts an arabesque.

“Whose fault is it that I haven’t blogged in so long?” I prompt.

“Mine,” she answers.

No ducking the truth today. “And why is that?

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